If you could choose

March 17, 2011 at 11:15 pm (general life)

If you were to choose to be above average in one of these three ways, which would you be?

A good person

A talented person

A happy person

I grew up aiming for the first, and I really really wish I could support the hypothesis that I’m the second. The third just seems impossible.

But probably more pleasant than the other two combined.

Which would you choose, if you could have only one?

I think most people require the first or second (or both) to be happy. On the up side, being good is a choice and being talented is generally a matter of how much effort you put in. So maybe we really do have a choice.



  1. Ann said,

    I want to be happy. But in order to do so, I need to know that I’m not a terrible person. Not necessarily a good person just not terrible. I kind of like human frailty, it makes us more interesting. And not being perfect or good all the time (and being aware of this) gives you something to gauge yourself against. Without the odd failure, you wouldn’t get the feelings associated with knowing that you have done good….

    • felicitybloomfield said,

      Ann: I think our faults give us compassion. But we still need to have faults in moderation. . .

  2. W said,

    Ignoring that all of these are entirely subjective… (thank you subconscious Ben)

    Being happy has its advantages – though, from my current perspective, knowing that I could be happy and entirely untalented at anything sounds devastating, and I’m not sure I’m comfortable with being happy and not good.

    Being good is desirable, but it takes so very much effort, and will likely kill happiness, and take up all the time that it takes to being talented.

    Being talented is a good thing, but without being happy, you end up being a soulless talented bastard, and without being good, well you end up as an evil overlord.


    • Ann said,

      Evil overload could be fun….. It certainly has a nice fantasy fiction feel to it, and in some fantasy fiction the evil overload actually wins…… Souless talented evil, I definitely see a good story in that!!

    • Ben (Crispin) said,

      I iz in your brains!
      Disagreein’ wit your thoughtses!

  3. Louise Curtis said,

    evil overload is too close to autobiography 🙂


  4. Ben (Crispin) said,

    Firstly, these are entirely subjec… Oh.

    Anyway, while an interesting question, it has as much validity as ‘Would you rather die by fire or acid?’ or something similar.

    Being only ANY one of these three things would leave you a wretched and non-viable human being.

    People are messy tapestries of conflicting elements for a reason.

  5. Louise Curtis said,

    “Would you rather die by fire or acid?” is, unless asked by your evil overlord jailer, unlikely to make any difference to you. Knowing your own values can change the way you live. Since we’re all messy tapestries etc etc, it can help to have seemingly arbitrary questions.


  6. Ben (Crispin) said,

    My values – and indeed, most/every person’s – include valuing all the above to the maximum extent possible before they begin to interfere with one of the others.

  7. W said,

    I like the reverse of these as well, now that I think about it – if you were choosing to be two of these without the other, …

    Good and talented (but unhappy – celebrities?)
    Good and happy (but untalented – welcome to middle class and average)
    Talented and happy (but not good – hello evil!)
    Good (and neither talented nor happy – is this someone in your church?)
    Talented (but neither happy nor good – film director?)
    Happy (but untalented and not good – hello minion!)

  8. Louise Curtis said,

    Nice breakdown of the question, W. Made me laugh – and think in a different direction.


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