January 7, 2011 at 9:00 am (Uncategorized)

Before I start, see if you can tell what’s wrong with this picture (of items that I gathered without thinking only moments ago):

Waking up, and moving on. . .

CJ and I plan to have kids one day. We’re in the perfect phase of parenthood – when your kids don’t exist, and are therefore perfect in every way (except that we’re pretty much assuming, based on strong tendencies in our genes, they’ll have ADD, some kind of mental disorder, and a lack of coordination bordering on the comical).

I see our “job” to be teaching our kids how to be good and functional adults. Last night, to clarify my thinking, I wrote a list of what skills or mind-sets ideal adulthood includes:

Awareness of how to maintain physical health, and prepare healthy meals.

Knowing how to run a household.

Being responsible with finances.

Able to hold down a job/s and/or contribute to society.

Human relationships (including holding a conversation, making new friends, accepting/adjusting to different people, and knowing manners and how to treat people with respect – and how to end friendships if necessary).

Romance – how to choose a good life partner and how to stick with them – and parenthood.

A sense of self-worth and contentment and psychological health (including management of illness).

God/spiritual health.

Some of these things, especially at the beginning, are quite easy to teach. Others are taught by example (particularly romance, I think). I think the last item may not be teachable at all.

What do you think?



  1. Ann said,

    Ooooo – I’m glad you worked out there was something wrong before you poured the milk……

  2. Louise Curtis said,

    Yeah, it was one of those classic moments when you stand still and think, “Why does the bowl look funny?”

    Of course, when I have kids, I won’t have the time to stop and think. . .


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