Gilmore Girls Don’t Blink

November 30, 2010 at 11:03 am (general life)

Late last night, I finished an epic journey. I finished all seven seasons of “The Gilmore Girls”. I learnt that:

1. People will like you for being you, even if you’re an incredibly snooty Frenchman with a weakness for Celine Dion.

2. Life is a lot less complicated if you don’t constantly lie about incredibly minor matters.

3. Watching a show in which the two title characters are constantly binge eating, and two other central characters are professional cooks/chefs – is not a good idea while dieting.

It was good, though. But, like holidays, the best part is when it’s over. And I lost 7 kilos over 6 weeks, which was the maximum I could have hoped for.

In other news (this will only interest fans of the reasonably recent Doctor Who), yesterday I was at the home of someone I’ve been tutoring for a year and a half. I glanced around, and I SAW THIS:

It was just outside the door, and I swear I’ve never seen it before.

But there’s more.

Last week my student was sick with the flu. At one stage, her parents found her in her room (probably within a metre of where I was sitting when I took that photo) staring straight ahead of her. When they tried to speak to her, she became agitated and said, “They’re coming. They’re coming to get me.”

She only calmed down when her dad stood in the doorway. . . blocking her from the angels.



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