How zombies feel

September 19, 2010 at 4:42 pm (general life)

ie hungry for braaaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnsss

I’ve finally begun my brave attempt to recover the healthy weight I’d reached before the epic schmoozefests of August/September. Today is day three. The hunger pangs began at 11am on day one, and the blacking out (when I stand up from sitting or lying down) started yesterday, and will continue for a few days. The stumbling with fatigue began today. Yep, it’s a typical diet. My self-esteem and sense of purpose is lifting fast, so – assuming nothing at all breaks my concentration – all is well.

I don’t know how much weight I gained as I held myself together by sheer force of chocolate for weeks before and after the conference. I’ve said five kilos elsewhere, but I know it was probably more than that. I don’t dare weigh myself, at least not until I know I’m doing a little better.

In two weeks and two days I’ll be going to visit my sister. There will be a LOT of chocolate for those eight days. I’m glad to have this window of opportunity to regain some ground – and seeing my sister is far less stressful than paying loads of cash to try to suck up to people I don’t know (which I won’t have to do again as an unpublished supplicant for several years, if ever).

I do feel like curling into the fetal position until then, but that just shows I really am losing weight. Here are two pictures that say everything that needs to be said. The first represents what I was eating every single day for weeks. The second (diet coke and a corn thin with avocado) represents my daily snacks at the moment. My meals remain exactly as they were.

And that, for me at least, is how it’s done.


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