Monsters versus pirates

August 6, 2010 at 10:00 am (Writing Ranting)

Monsters versus pirates is the plot hook for my book. It’s a good plot hook. But my main character, Dance (though smart, very physically coordinated, rebellious, and a little insecure) isn’t interesting enough to cut it. Even though she saves her island twice.

I’ve thought about it, and realised that one of the options I have is to change her dad into a baddie. I don’t like it – but he IS featured in the opening scene, and there’s already tension between them I can exploit. Plus he’s quite heroic towards the end, so I can make him turn good during the story.

I think I’ll make him a hitter.  That ruins the mum’s character too (although they are stuck on a tiny island, so it’s not like there’s anywhere to run to). Urg. Hopefully I can think of something else – something better.


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