Digestive Health Report

July 22, 2010 at 3:29 pm (general life)

As some of you know, I spent four weeks eating and exercising as well as I knew how to do. Here’s the rules, and my conclusions:

1. Begin each day with a tall glass of tepid water (with a squeeze of lemon), then fifteen minutes’ exercise – all before breakfast.

Love the water, hate the exercise. I’ll stick with the water and do pre-breakfast exercise. . . sometimes.

2. Continue exercising six days a week, except when I’m sick.

Yeah, it’s clearly a good plan and worth the hassle. I’ll continue.

3. Drink over a litre of water each day, in addition to other liquids.

I suspect it’s keeping me bloated, but I’ll talk to a doctor before I stop.

4. Eat every meal and snack at a table (not the couch), and remain upright for half an hour after every meal. Take small mouthfuls and chew them properly before swallowing.

I definitely need to eat more slowly. But I think sitting on the coach is okay (especially for snacks) as long as I stay still and upright for that half hour (which is really difficult, but worthwhile most of the time).

5. Never go four waking hours without eating something (and eat small meals).

I can do that.

6. Eat five vegetables (at least one green) and two fruits each day (tomatoes, pumpkin and avocado can fall into either group – my resolution, my rules – and chickpeas are a vegetable).

I can keep aiming for that, but I don’t think I’ll make it every day (I will today, though, so that’s cool).

7. Eat 50 grams or less of chocolate/lollies each day (a giant or deep-fried meal counts as 30 grams, and savoury snacks count as 20g). I’ll have nothing unhealthy for at least the first seven days, beginning today.

Definitely worth sticking with, but not gonna happen. 50 grams or less of junk food is a worthy goal that I’ll try to stick to – starting from Tuesday next week 🙂

8. No soft drink and no artificial sweeteners.

I don’t think I eat enough of those for it to have any negative effect. Although I think I’m allergic to preservative 202, so I’ll be careful on that front.

9. I’ll attempt to go without iron tablets – instead I’ll have a vitamin C at breakfast and dinner (dinner is when I tend to eat meat, which is the most absorbable source of iron followed by chicken or fish). I am anaemic, so it’s likely I’ll have to take the tablets, but we’ll see.

This worked brilliantly. Definitely sticking to it.

10. At least one high-fibre food each day, and at least one does-something-cool-for-your-gut food each day.

If I’m eating a lot of fresh fruit and vegies, this will probably happen by itself.

As of this moment, I am psyching up for a gluten-free week, starting. . . soon.



  1. Paige said,

    interesting eating habit or not

    and too funny about the spam on the penis

    errr, whatever :^p

  2. Felicity Bloomfield said,

    Thanks Paige. The spam was so unexpected, I loved it.


  3. Ann said,

    ‘But I think sitting on the coach is okay’

    You didn’t tell me you had a coach!!!!! is he hot?

    • felicitybloomfield said,

      Ann: The coach I sit on is yellow. It’s lukewarm.

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