Lactose Day

July 18, 2010 at 9:14 pm (general life, recipes)

The best part about experimenting with possible food allergies is the part when you get to suddenly eat all the stuff you might be intolerant too – right after you’ve missed it for so long.

All last week I stayed off all dairy products – no milk, no sweet delicious butter, no heavenly sour cream or fetta or yoghurt or cream cheese. And no chocolate.

Today I went nuts with the experimental eating.

Breakfast: Cereal and milk, plus 10 grams of chocolate. (And – unusually for me – I not only went to church, but I stayed around talking to people afterwards. I am SO much more functional on chocolate.)

Morning tea: Strawbery and banana milkshake with added sour cream (why not, right?)

Lunch: Baked slices of potato topped with cream cheese and butter-fried zucchini pieces (also known as the Cream Cheese Lunch of Dooooooooom).

Afternoon tea: Far too much chocolate, plus chocolate milk. And a half-shot of Frangelico with milk. (I was writing, and wanted chocolate so very much. It was a GREAT writing session, as usual when I break a diet. Last time I did this I consumed 300 grams of chocolate, and this time I ate 70 grams. Which sort of makes this a good day.)

Dinner: Tuna mornay with extra cheese + a side of beans fried in butter and garlic, and with fetta added at the last moment.

Supper: Chocolate milk.

I posted an article today on about homosexuality and the Bible. It’s a scary thing to do because I have 2000 fans/followers, and at least some are likely to have a strong negative reaction. I used a pretty shocking opening example, too (offensive shocking, not M-rated shocking). In my head, I’m constantly in deadly danger of getting in trouble (like I’m five years old, I know). It genuinely scares me. But I’m more scared of deserving to get in trouble – I’d rather be unjustly punished than punished for something I actually did – so I think I can handle any hate the article brings out. Plus the sermon in church this morning used the exact same key passage as I did, and made the same central point (not that it was a sermon about homosexuality – that’s too hot a button for most sermons). That was encouraging (while also reminding me of some really dumb stuff I’ve done lately).

This is one of those rare and special occasions where my writing actually means something.


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  1. Paige said,

    and the resuts of all that dairy?

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