The good, the bad and the fatty

July 16, 2010 at 11:40 am (general life, Writing Ranting)

My sister and her husband are coming to Canberra in four days. That’s also the length of time I’ll continue eating super-healthily. (I look forward SO much to not exercising fifteen minutes before breakfast every day, although some of the other healthy habits are keepers.)

CJ was given a promotion this week – the job he’s wanted for about a year. And yes, it means more money. (I’ve just done my tax return – and I earned $17, 323 this financial year, which is pretty good for me. Don’t do mental illness, kids.)

I thought I’d hear about the Publisher A edit-me competition this week, but it turns out (as far as I can tell from reading their email five times) that although they’ve decided on the long list, they’re not telling anyone what it is. So I won’t know if I’m on the long list until late August. But oh well, at least they’ll tell everyone in the end.

I have liquorice all sorts in my lolly drawer (which I bought on the basis that (a) aniseed is good for the digestion – not sure if that has any link to liquorice at all, and (b) they contain preservative 202 and no others, which means I can test if I’m intolerant of that particular preservative). But this morning, somehow, I weighed 76.8, which means if I can lose .3 of a kilo today I’ve actually made my weight goal for this current session – and genuinely reached the healthy weight range. If I’m super super good today, then maybe tomorrow will be the day. Maybe.

Must. . . not. . . eat. . . lollies.


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