July 10, 2010 at 9:23 am (general life)

I like getting older. I associate advancing age with better knowledge of how to deal with life, and definitely with better perspective (lost in a foreign country? Been there! Dumped by a first love? Been there! Chronic illness? Been there! Lost a best friend? Been there!)

It’s weird and sad, though, to realise that by the measure of wider society my prettiest moments are all gone. Seems like I’ve lost some kind of opportunity. But it’s just another reason to be grateful – others in their late twenties must be losing the only thing they ever liked about themselves. (Not losing completely, of course – a lot of people look better with wrinkles, or more body fat, or grey hair, or simply the sly twinkle of old age in their eye.)

Aging is the new puberty. My body is changing and I may as well just go with it. At least, looking at my mum and grandma, I know exactly where I’m heading. (Unless cyborg surgery becomes the norm, of course.)

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