Ten grams

June 30, 2010 at 10:08 am (Writing Ranting)

I’m letting myself have ten grams of chocolate today. Exciting stuff. (Nope, that wasn’t sarcasm.)

This morning I weighed 78.9, which is at least within range of where I should have started this weight-loss session from. Now there’s two and a half kilos left to reach my current goal of 76.5 by the new end date of 21 July (three weeks away).

But neither of those things are actually the topic of today’s blog.

Yesterday I heard about the NSW Writers’ Centre holding a conference about young adult and children’s fiction – this Saturday. In Sydney.


The thing is, there are representatives from two big Australian YA publishers there, and it may be worth my while being in the same room (sad but true). So I’ll get up three hours early, drive to Sydney, attend sessions, hope like crazy my submission/s are selected by the interactive panels at the end – and then I’ll drive home. And I’ll talk to people (ugh!) in between.

Scary stuff.

There are three ways this can go:

1. I get really tired. Nothing happens, except possibly some education.

2. I make a shiny new contact/s to send books to.

3. I annoy important people, and my slushpile submissions are listed for indiscriminate burning in publisher offices across Australia.

I’ll let you know. m



  1. Ann said,

    In other news, the awards for the years worse writing are out….

    check them out at: http://www.bulwer-lytton.com/

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