June 15, 2010 at 12:39 pm (general life, Writing Ranting)

It’s now been over thirteen months since I sent “Stormhunter” to Publisher B. I wonder sometimes if they’ll ever reply. Oh well. I have other books at Publisher A, E and F anyway.

I’m eating WAY too much, but I am still confident that in a few days I’ll be back on the wagon, and I will reach my goal of 76.5 in the next three and a half weeks. I still exercise six days a week.

Today I’m going to start reading “The Gay Dolphin Adventure” and a Trixie Belden book (same era, as you may have guessed). How wonderful and terrifying.

Are you a writer? You could enter this free competition and help raise money for The Lupus Alliance.


This is the third time I’ve posted that picture on a blog. I also have it as my desktop. I’m in the process of editing my story, and everyone on my “Felicitations” list will read the result at the beginning of July (I send the list a free flash story each month – if you want in, email me on fellissimo[at]hotmail[dot]com).


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