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June 11, 2010 at 9:59 am (general life)

I made it! I’m under 78 kilos (77.9 to be precise). I’ve lost over five kilos altogether, so that’s proof that I can still lose weight (despite being married, which makes life easier and weight loss harder). Dieting has a huge effect on my ability to function, though – particularly on my writing and my socialising. But I’ve discovered that it doesn’t particularly effect my tutoring ability, which means I can eat healthily every Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday without causing problems.

I have utterly lost it today – I’ve been awake about an hour and eaten a ridiculous amount of chocolate already – but oh well. In the next four weeks, I plan to get down to 76.5, which will be genuinely in the healthy weight range. There shall be some fluctuation in the meantime.

CJ is a public servant, which means all kinds of wonderful things – steady pay, excellent sick leave (he’s actually allowed to come home and look after me if I’m sick), automatic life insurance, flex time (if you work longer than the required seven and a half hours, you can then take days off *squee*), and so on. Today he’s applying for a better position in the same department, and it’s tremendously exciting for both of us. It’s a job that’s better suited to who he is, AND better paid. Wish us luck. We’ll find out if he gets the job in a month or so.


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  1. Ann said,

    Really? They are that quick with recruitment? Seriously, it can take up to 9 months at my dept!!!!

    Congrats on the weight loss though.

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