June 7, 2010 at 2:25 pm (general life)

Yep, my weight is up again. By half a kilo since Friday morning. But half a kilo is in the “well okay, I did eat some chocolate, I admit” range, which is also the “I can deal with that both psychologically and physically” range. I’ll weigh myself every day until I reach 78 kilos.

I seem to have accidentally fixed our clock table, which is fabulous (and it only took me six months). Which is just a little magical, because I thought last night that I’d irreperably damaged it, but it turned out I’d done exactly the right thing. I also dusted today, which might not sound impressive but it is. There are two possible responses:

1. Dusting? Well of course! How could you not?

2. Dusting? What’s that?

The house looks great, and at the moment that’s symbolic of the whole world. This married-but-no-kids part of life is the most peaceful part (other than possibly old age), and when my house is tidy I feel safe (something I don’t feel very often). My mind may still be structured like this after CJ and I have kids – it’ll just be a different definition of “tidy”. For example:

1. Only one pile of vomit and/or blood to clean up today, hurrah!

2. The nappy smell is only noticeable for two blocks instead of three, hurrah!

3. I already showered this month, so now I can skip it until next time I turn over the calender.

4. Nothin’s on fire, and the rats are restricted to the kids’ room now, hurrah!


1 Comment

  1. Paige said,

    I so unstand the big deal about the dusting. Since I’ve been laid off I have dusted twice and this is in the same year!

    love your hooray in refference to children, but you forgot one inportant one…

    hooray-no trip to the ER today, in fact that deserves an extra hooray

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