Sunny Daze

June 6, 2010 at 11:48 am (general life, Writing Ranting)

The sun is out, the house is clean, and I’m going to do a mid-week weigh-in tomorrow (to find out if being good today and yesterday has made up for a birthday party on Friday). On Friday morning I weighed 78.6 kilos. Next Friday’s goal is to weigh 78, which should be easily possible.

On Wednesday Publisher A rejected “Farting My ABCs”. That was stunningly fast, so much so that I doubt they read more than the synopsis (which means they rejected farting, not my writing). This doesn’t bode super well for my relationship with that publisher, so I won’t send them anything until Publisher B responds to “Stormhunter” and “The Monster Apprentice”.

I was taken by surprise, so I decided to send “Farting My ABCs” out again immediately (I doubt my ability to edit has improved noticeably in the last fortnight), and by email (fast and easy). So I sent it to yet another publisher, who I’ll call Publisher F. Publisher F is extremely consistent in their three-month response time, so that’s a kind of treat. Thus I have five books “out” at the moment, with four publishers. That’s a good spread, particularly with a competition in the mix (which may also get me back into Publisher A’s good graces – if I’m truly out of them).

I was just given two new students, so my schedule is now stable (as stable as it gets) at just over eleven hours a week. My maximum regular workload is twelve hours, so I’m leaving it alone.

I went to church this morning, and didn’t have a panic attack. That was nice.

Today is a good day.


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