Two-thirds (sorta)

June 2, 2010 at 9:57 am (general life)

I’m on limited return (to the world of the living) at present. Cautiously okay. Mainly because this morning I’m back at 79 kilos (which is where I was last Friday, but is still technically ahead of the one-kilo-a-week schedule). So another nine days of pain (and Friday’s the biggest birthday of all, so that may hurt a LOT), but there’s a good chance I’ll actually get lower than my 78-kilo goal. Which means there’s plenty more pain coming, but it’s back to being useful pain. I can handle almost anything when it’s meaningful. (But I’ll still stay home and quiet as much as possible.)

Also, the sun is back. That makes a huge difference. And one of my stories is getting professionally paid to appear in the next “Going Down Swinging” magazine (in episode # 30, which is getting launched at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival in September).

So in some ways this is a good week.


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