Three weeks of pain

May 21, 2010 at 9:36 am (general life)

The good news is I just weighed myself and only weighed 80.9 (a gain, but a manageable one). That means I need to lose just 2.9 kilos to supposedly be inside the healthy weight range. I can almost certainly achieve that in three weeks.

The bad news is it means hunger, and pain, and no chocolate backing me up.

Beginning today is fairly good timing – it’s exactly the right part of my cycle, and my huge mass of extra work has just one hour to go. My workload now will actually be a little light – which is good. Only one disadvantage: birthdays. I have three parties in the next ten days, and CJ’s birthday soon after that. Out of the four, I reckon I can be “wagonning” (that is, absolutely no junk food) for two. The other two will challenge my moderation skills.

Reporting faithfully back here will help. So will being able to go swimming again (I still get nauseous sometimes, but I believe it’s food allergies – something to deal with by elimination dieting at another time).

To kickstart all this, I will be eating no unhealthy snacks whatsoever for seven days (with the exception of sugar free fizzy drinks at party # 1, which will help enormously). It won’t be pretty.

Next Friday’s weigh-in should definitely be within the 70s at last.


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