Good Morning

May 20, 2010 at 9:21 am (Writing Ranting)

I’ve successfully entered the Publisher A editorama contest, and I know the book is good. Hopefully I’ll be editing it with Publisher A people this October (after visiting my sister for the birth of her first child – it could be an exciting month). This is a solid backup plan for if/when Publisher B rejects “Stormhunter” and “The Monster Apprentice”.

Today I received an email saying the first chapter of my realist novel placed third in the 2010 InnermoonLit Best First Chapter of a Novel Contest. I get a small amount of money, some online advertising, and a little bit of writerly street cred next time I send it off (I plan to send it to a Publisher B editorama in a few months, so the street cred won’t come into play for quite a while).




  1. Barbara Banks said,

    That’s got to feel good! Congratulations X

  2. Paige said,

    that is great news! {^5}

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