Yay for Auntie Flo (caution: mild female content)

May 18, 2010 at 9:35 am (general life)

Auntie Flo (aka the red baron, aka my “special time of the month” aka “the red shirts of my reproductive system” aka. . . you’re probably with me by now) arrived today.

It’s terribly exciting, because she arrived the EXACT day I was hoping she would – meaning my cycle is probably going to be extremely regular (extremely handy for both everyday life and for predicting my ovulation cycle, which will be super useful when CJ and I decide it’s time to breed).

I’ve always been a fan of the reproductive system – especially the female half, because men are predictably straightforward by comparison. CJ and I had the following discussion as I finished another book on what to do in preparation for (one day) having a baby.

Fel: “My egg is only viable for twelve to twenty-four hours. But it’s okay – the sperm can sit around waiting.”

CJ: “Typical. Men always have to wait around for women to finally be ready.”

Fel: “And if women wait for men they’re doomed to die waiting.”

I’ve always had PMS, but sometimes I get happy PMS. Strange but true. And for me, one of the symptoms of PMS is wanting to talk about it.

But since I only went off the pill two cycles ago (it wasn’t working super well for me, plus my being sick was making it less effective, so ultimately there was no point continuing), my last bout of PMS lasted a ridiculously long time. This time was fine, so I’m happy.

Today I have four hours of work, but there are four factors helping me cope with the extra hour:

1. Two of the hours are with one person (less driving is good).

2. There’s a big break between the first and second lots of two hours (I can fool myself into thinking it’s two days of work).

3. CJ and I are going to see “Iron Man 2” tonight, so I get an instant reward (it may backfire and turn into an extra source of stress, but oh well).

4. I’m eating some chocolate today (the good mood that comes wrapped in foil).

The fish are great. There are still some worrying factors (the tetras prefer Sherlock’s food to their own, and Watson has suspicious white splotches that he didn’t have before), but the tank as a whole has a wonderful balance to it. The plants need the fish’s waste to live. The snail needs the plants. Sherlock needs the snail eggs. The plants need Sherlock. *repeat*

It’s great visually as well, especially with Sherlock and Gandalf interacting with one another, and the perpetual beauty of the tetras.


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