A time to write

May 10, 2010 at 11:04 am (Writing Ranting)

It’s time to make up consistent fake names for my publishers.

Publisher A: I have three direct contacts with them, and so far they’ve let me email them any full manuscript I want (after I email to ask). Since “Farting my ABCs” was rejected, I emailed them asking if they’d like to see it. That was last Thursday, and they haven’t replied yet. Last time I sent them a book (which I received back over a year ago) they hinted that they didn’t have time to continue reading my nearly-but-not-quite-good-enough books. At least, I’m pretty sure that’s what they were saying.

Publisher B: I have two direct contacts with them, and they currently have “Stormhunter” and “The Monster Apprentice” (ie the first books in my YA and childrens’ Rahana trilogies), the first of which they’ve had over a year. I emailed them this today: “I’m just dropping by for my three-monthly check that things are still progressing with “Stormhunter” and/or “The Monster Apprentice”. I hope you’re well and enjoying the great weather.” If they reject those two, they may not be willing to look at any others. If they accept them, they’ll probably accept the four other books in the two trilogies. Exciting stuff.

Publisher C: The one I originally sent “Farting My ABCs”. They generally take six months to reply, but they do generally request the full manuscript.

Publisher D: They generally request the full manuscript.

Publisher E: Has had the first three chapters of “Waking Dead Mountain” for five months – presumably a good sign for the book, and a bad sign for how long I’ll have to wait if they do request the full manuscript.

So, in conclusion: I’m waiting for Publisher A to let me know if they still like me, and for Publisher B to finally tell me if everything is about to change (or not). And waiting for Publisher E, but not holding my breath.


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