Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we may diet

May 5, 2010 at 10:16 am (general life)

The good news is that I found a BMI calculator that says I can be 78 kilos and still inside the healthy weight range. The bad news is that I gained two kilos in the last week. I’m eating well for most of this week, beginning yesterday (and I’ve lost .7 of a kilo already, so I’m feeling a little better than I did then).

Yesterday was a tough day because of work (plus of course the blind rage that accompanies a lack of chocolate), and tomorrow will be tough too (I’ll be seeing one student from 8-10pm). But today is good – only two hours, and I finish at 4:40, which means I have time to cook.

In less than a week, it will be three months since I last heard from the “Stormhunter” possible-publisher, so I’ll send them an email. I predict their reply will be, “We’re so sorry. We’ll get onto that as soon as possible. Feel free to send it to other publishers in the meantime.”

I was in contact with Marianne DePierres (a rather well-known young adult author who has read the first chapter) and she reassured me that “polite but persistent” was the right path.

One of the funny things about the Australian publishing industry is that everyone knows everyone else – which means “polite” is the rule, no matter what. Because you won’t ruin your chances with just one publisher, but with all of them.

But why not be polite anyway? The reason I’m not sending “Stormhunter” elsewhere is that that particular possible-publisher gives me REASONS when they reject my books. Generally that kind of information (from a professional) costs up to $700.

I do have another possible-publisher in mind, however.


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