One-Legged Lady

April 27, 2010 at 10:12 am (general life)

Using my patented stand-on-one-leg method of weighing myself, I was able to clock in at 80.2 today. There’s a tiny chance I’ll be able to eat chocolate tomorrow, but Thursday’s a fairly good bet. I feel good enough about myself to post a rather unflattering photo on later today.

If I don’t hear from the “Farting My ABCs” publisher by Thursday, I’ll call them then. It’s possible I misunderstood – they said something like, “According to our records, that reply should have happened ages ago.” I interpreted that as, “Your rejection was lost in transit” but it may have been, “Why yes we ARE taking forever – we’ll get right on to that.” So maybe there’s hope after all.

My main blog (this is not it) is doing remarkably well. Since I began the program of Daily Awesomeness, the average population of readers multiplied about ten times. Last week it doubled again, and today I was put on a blogroll at It’s extremely therapautic to have something to do for myself and my career while waiting for the publishers to reply.

Best of all, the long weekend is over. AND school holidays (when I sometimes earn nothing for a fortnight).


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