April 22, 2010 at 3:44 pm (Mental illness)

I forgot to mention in the baby-related posts that it’s apparently okay to take zoloft (my anti-depressant of choice) while breastfeeding. That is FABULOUS news. I’m very fond of Zoloft, but I mostly like to take it during periods when life is especially exciting. Even just the knowledge that I’ll have that choice is very comforting.

I find it so hard to believe that publishers take so long to make their acquisitions decisions (even as I am the proof). Whenever I begin a new book, I can predict that I’ll spend at least a year editing, then have to wait six months to a year before I get a SINGLE response. So that blank page won’t pay me back for literally years (I wrote “Stormhunter” six years ago).

That’s horrifying.

It’s moments like these – when I appear to be on the brink of success – that I want to curl into the foetal position until somebody offers me a contract.

Of course, I also know that I’d starve before I got a reply.

In other news, here’s a rare picture of my two cats within a metre of each other. You can sense the ambiance rather clearly.


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