Fart Fail

April 20, 2010 at 11:44 am (general life, Writing Ranting)

I’ve heard back from the “Farting my ABCs” possible-publisher. . . here’s what happened.

As usual, my ears pricked at the sound of a low-grade motorbike. I was near the front door, so I opened it, and actually saw the postman at our neighbour’s mailbox (which is good, because it means that even if there’s nothing in the box, I know the postie has already been). I emptied the hoover bag, and went to the letterbox. There was an envelope. A big one. For me. From that publisher. I could feel that it had about twenty pages in it, which is another Bad Sign. It meant they’d returned the manuscript.

I walked inside, put the vacuum cleaner away, and sat down at my computer, ready to immediately document the results.

It was a rejection, and very clearly a form letter (always disappointing to get no feedback, even though feedback is EXTREMELY rare – in my case, I only get it when I have a contact in the company). I sighed and opened up the blog ready to write.

Then my eye fell on the manuscript itself. It isn’t “Farting my ABCs” after all. It’s the first few chapters of a different book (one I sent to them in November, and which wasn’t written specifically for them – so not something I was holding my breath about).

So I’m still waiting. I’ll let you know when “Farting my ABCs” gets an answer.  It’s still probably a “no”. Even “Stormhunter” (best chance this year) is probably a “no.”

Following on from yesterdays blog. . .

Probably the most useful things I discovered from the baby book were:

1. Colick isn’t hereditary (CJ and a cousin of his were both very colicky babies, so that lessened my sheer abject terror slightly).

2. Roughly when to start on solid food, and when kids are old enough to begin destroying things.

3. You need to change nappies 5-10 times a day for the first little while after getting home from hospital (that would have freaked me out).



  1. Barbara Banks said,

    Re the nappies: that’s not counting the times when you get them up for a feed, change them and they completely fill it again while feeding. Multi-tasking at its most basic!

  2. Paige said,

    they only need changing now when they get stinky or child can no longer drag it behind them

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