Weighty Matters

April 19, 2010 at 2:46 pm (general life)

I didn’t lose any weight last week, but as of yesterday (and today) I’m once more heading downward. I’m surprised and pleased that I didn’t totally crash last week, and I expect I’ll reap the benefits this week. Probably.

Today I weighed in at 81.3. Once I get below 80, I’ll take a “maintenance break” for a week or two before tackling the last few kilos into the healthy weight range. I’m confident I’ll make it.

In other news, I’m not pregnant. I need to keep mentioning that, since I look, act and feel pregnant (nauseous, moody, clucky and large of belly). But I do plan to have two kids in the next five-ten years – and that’s a relatively new thought for me.

Last week I read the Bible-sized “What to expect during the first year” from cover to cover (well, I skipped SOME of the disease chapters).

CJ and I plan (“plan” is a four-letter word, I know) to start the process of buying a house when our first child is a year old. We think, for us, that’s the perfect balance between “saving more money for a house deposit” and “biology/rent=waste/this is a small flat”. I read the book to get a better idea of what that first year of motherhood would look like, and how much punishment our rental flat would have to take.

At first the detailed descriptions of yucky baby skin conditions, icky and/or fatal baby sicknesses, and gut-wrenchingly horrible breast issues were slightly difficult to get through. (Although hypercolour poo sounds like a blast.)

Eventually, however, I grew immune. From that point on, reading the book was a lot like playing pretend. I now know roughly how big my kid will be at a certain number of months, and how much mayhem he/she will be causing.

In summary, it’ll be all about breastfeeding, sleeping/not sleeping and poo for about six months, then we’ll be working on solid food at about the time that we’re able to regularly sleep well (so that makes it one challenge at a time). Towards the end of the year there’ll be some ability to move around, but not much. So yes, we need to empty out the lower bookshelves – but putting an armchair in front of a power point will be safe enough.

I’m not well enough to work more than three hours a day (unless it’s writing work), but if I understand my psychological makeup, a baby won’t count as work in that sense. (I am able to do almost anything if I see it as meaningful – so I can’t stand even half an hour as a manipulative salesperson, I CAN do several hours of tutoring work, I can write for ten hours without a break, and I can handle 24-7 baby care about as well as anyone else.) But I have an advantage over most new mums, because I already know what it’s like to be literally driven mad.

So basically, I can’t wait to get started. But I will wait, because I’m going to try to get this one thing right, at least at the beginning 🙂 First of all, I’m going to get healthy and stay there before I start anything.



  1. Ann said,

    Not losing is certainly better than gaining though! My stress induced diet is working fairly well. I noticed today that my bra was distinctly baggy… The classic pain of weight loss, first place it goes from is the last place you want to lose it!!!

  2. Barbara Banks said,

    Nothing, I say nothing, can prepare you for 24-7 baby care! It’s hard, hard work of the non-stop variety. No other sort of work is quite like it. The good news is that most parents survive the experience and live to laugh about the hard times.

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