April 18, 2010 at 7:53 pm (Writing Ranting)

Astonishingly, I’ve done no “real” writing this week (lots of “research” which counts towards my quota, but is a bit dodgy eg. watching “Top Gear” to learn about cars). I suspect the last time this happened for a whole week was 2004.

Still not actually writing right now. . . blogging is different. (Gandalf is now eating normally, by the way.) To me, blogging isn’t “real” writing, because it’s too much fun and the standard is sooo much lower.

I read each blog entry about three times to make sure it makes sense and to check spelling. I read each word of every piece of “real” writing between seven and thirty times, and stop far more often to make many more changes (which I then read over up to five times before moving on).

Writing is a dumb job! Why am I doing this?

I think I just reached enlightenment.

And. . . time to go do some real writing, I think.


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