Gandalf isn’t really dead after all!

April 16, 2010 at 2:59 pm (general life)

Who saw THAT plot twist coming?

It’s faintly, faintly possible that Gandalf will survive. He’s still alive now, but hasn’t eaten since Sunday. Each day I put food in, wait a bit, and then take it out again.

But just now something amazing happened – he attempted to eat. The food fell straight back out of his mouth (twice, because I tried twice), but he TRIED.

He is a very, very sick fish, but if he starts eating again he may actually recover.

I oh-so-cunningly broke the main tank (Gandalf is now in a cleaned rice canister) while cleaning it, and I had a look online today and discovered it can’t be fixed (there’s a high likelihood of a sudden tank explosion due to water pressure). This is the second tank I’ve destroyed in a month (the first one was my parents’ old one, after I put it briefly and carefully on the hood of the car while I got the mail. It fell).

This morning I thought about giving up, but then committed myself to a new lot of fish by going and buying a new tank. And a plant. If the plant lives through the next week, I’ll get more neon tetras (while leaving Gandalf in his canister until he either dies or fully recovers). Plus the girl I talked to at the Belconnen Markets pet shop said that if I bring in a water sample, they can tell me if anything is wrong with it.

No more danios for me, though. They’re just bullies. Also, it’s possible they were sick before I bought them (fish will bite a sick fish, and they were biting one another from day one).

My own health is starting to improve, right on schedule. I foolishly weighed myself each day, and didn’t get good results at all, but I assume that’s because my body is just screwed up by the medication, and it’ll start behaving properly in the next few days.


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