Frodo is dead

April 8, 2010 at 1:37 pm (general life)

Sad but true. I think his death was mainly caused by bullying from Sam and the rest, but it’s likely (since he died at night) that he was cold, too – so although the others all seem fine, I’ll get a heater soon (not today or tomorrow, because we’re getting our car serviced tomorrow and it’s likely to reveal that urgent and expensive work is needed).

Today is my third day of balanced eating, and I hate it. Life is simply frightening, without chocolate to lean on.

Today I had an X-ray and ultrasound of my belly to see if they can show up any reason for me to have been sick so long (about three months now). I don’t remember the last time I had an X-ray, and I’ve never had an ultrasound. The X-ray was pretty dull – just another way of getting a photo taken – but the ultrasound was pretty cool. I could see my insides on the screen. I have lots of floaty bits in various shapes. Hopefully the next time I have an ultrasound one of the floaty bits will be a baby shape.

The results will be sent to my doctor this afternoon. If it’s anything interesting, I’ll blog again. I suspect they’ll show nothing, and I’ll have to have more invasive tests. That’s the worst case scenario. (Other than, I suppose, “You shall die within a week, and so will CJ, and everyone else you’ve been in contact with.” That’d be worse – but I suspect I’d feel sicker if that were the case.)


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