Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we may diet

April 6, 2010 at 10:20 am (general life)

Yesterday I watched the entirety of “Lord of the Rings” (mmmm) and this week is the last week of Term 1 (which means I have very little work next week and the week after). So I think it’s time to man up and stop eating masses of chocolate. Metaphorically, this is exactly the same as leaving my green homeland to do mortal battle with a giant flaming eyeball.

“There is always hope” – Arwen.

“Let it go! What are you waiting for?” – Sam (to Frodo in Mount Doom)

*chomping noise* – Gollum (to Frodo in Mount Doom)

I began doing small amounts of exercise last Friday (on my exercise bike), and although I still don’t think I’m safe for public pools (normally my main source of exercise) I mostly feel fine, and can now handle doing a proper amount of exercise.

All my blood tests came back showing nothing unusual at all, but I have a stomach X-ray and ultrasound this Thursday. I’ve been sick about three months now.

Right now I weigh 83.5 kilos – the most I’ve ever weighed. It’s roughly what I SHOULD weigh if I was nine months pregnant. I am glad to finally be at the point where I can watch the kilos go down, instead of up.


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