Internet, I trust you more than anyone

April 3, 2010 at 9:20 am (general life)

The title is true, but not because I’m an idiot (or not just because of that, anyways). I went to three different fish shops, and each one told me vastly different advice. The internet also gives me vastly different advice, but it’s pretty easy to find (a) a consensus, and (b) one that correlates with what I’ve observed.

My neon tetras are stressed. They’re not as pale as they are at night, but they’re not as bright as they should be. I’ll be focusing on the pH level to fix that (and possibly also buying more fish once the pH is respectable – like all nerds, they need a large group of their own kind to feel secure).

My danios should not be fighting (I KNEW it!) A lot of people consider them “peaceful” fish, which is directly opposed to this guy: who also says that they fight when their school isn’t big enough. My tank is only two-thirds full at the moment (I’ve been VERY slowly adjusting the water) so I’ll see if they settle down once there’s a full 15.6 litres in there. If not, I guess I’ll buy more. He also recommends NOT putting them with anyone who has decorative fins (like, obviously, the Siamese fighting fish – which is usually the first fish everyone recommends to put them with) which, since they’ve bitten him at least twice, is clearly good advice. Other than that, they and the fighter are fine, so I’m happy to see how things work out once the tank is full. It’s not life-threatening behaviour. If necessary, I can put the fighter in a separate tank – but I think he enjoys having room to move.

That web site also describes NORMAL aggressive behaviour between danios (which I’d long since called the jocks of the aquarium):

Typically, the display fights involve nothing more than two male danios staring at each other and straightening their pectoral fins. It will last for about twenty seconds until one of the danios gets scared off, forgets what it is doing or simply gets bored.


In other news, I think I’ll go with a Lord of the Rings theme for the naming. The fighter is, obviously, Gandalf. The danios are the warriors – Gimli, Legolas and Aragorn (although I think one is female, because she hasn’t been biting anyone. . . I’ll research that a bit more – or just call that one Legolas, since no-one is REALLY sure about him). And the neon tetras are hobbits.


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  1. Paige said,

    well that xplains it, one is female

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