Cunning Plans

March 23, 2010 at 10:40 pm (Mental illness, Writing Ranting)

I’ve now had a headache for two weeks, and intestinal parasites since January. Oh, and insanity for six years. The world isn’t looking good.

I’m about to launch into a wild adventure on my other blog (since its current form – as handmaid to the twitter stories, with ever-decreasing relevance, is starting to bore me), by doing SOMETHING interesting every day (except Fridays, when it’ll still have the “current story so far” plus anything actually relevant to that tale).

Some of the list includes:

-Playing a play-dough role-playing game (make your own monster, then fight everyone else).

-Making a sandcastle.

-Eating a whole meal of one colour.

-Going to Catholic Mass

-Various top secret activities to be slowly revealed.

And EVERYTHING – absolutely EVERYTHING – from this list:

(which my partner isn’t allowed to read yet).

If you can think of something life-affirming (and/or odd) for me to do, put it in the comments and I’ll almost certainly do it. Especially if I can work out a way to do it for free.

This all officially starts THIS FRIDAY. Massive mood swings, here I come!



  1. Steff Metal said,

    Haha, wow. This is going to be AWESOME!

    It is so rad my list sparked this idea. Document everything carefully, because this WILL make a great non-fiction book proposal.

  2. felicity said,

    I didn’t quite believe it until I had this conversation with my SO:

    Me: So. . . . how do you feel. . . about. . . a hotairballoonride?
    SO: I’ve always wanted to do that.
    Me: Or we could go visit a lighthouse, would that be hard?
    *pause* Wait a sec. . . did you just say yes to a hot air balloon ride?
    SO: Sure. It’s expensive, but we can try and find a deal or something.
    Me: But. . . you just said yes. Just like that. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU???

  3. Paige said,

    you could try a timed session for coming up with new/hip/cute button sayings

  4. Nick said,

    Wait, how does that not sound exactly like my brother? 😉

    I would so do a hot air balloon ride. Maybe not in China though.

    • felicitybloomfield said,

      Nick – yeah, he’s a *little* more relaxed than I am.

      Paige – I don’t think I have enough traffic for that, but if you make a suggestion for a T-shirt (“Make your own T-shirt saying” is on my list) I may just make and photograph it!

  5. Nick said,

    Oh, and I since I didn’t actually offer any suggestions I’ll say: Read these guys’ blogs:

  6. felicitybloomfield said,

    I wonder if putting a comment here will move this post up the “most popular posts” list.


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