March 22, 2010 at 2:58 am (Writing Ranting)

It’s the 22nd today, which means it’s been exactly seven months since I sent “Farting my ABCs” to the publisher I wrote it for. It’s for a specific series which I wrote for (rather unsuccessfully) once before. The first book I wrote for this series was rejected after three months (too fantastical, I think – it later became “The Monster Apprentice”, and a great deal longer). On another occasion, this publisher took eight months to reply to just the first three chapters of a normal book. But usually they take six months for each phase.

I originally predicted they’d take seven months for “Farting my ABCs”.

The other book I’m waiting for has taken just under eleven months so far – very much a new record (different publisher). But at least I know for certain it’s progressed.

My NaNo novel (which I wrote in two weeks) is beginning to shape up under my fingers. I really like the prologue and first chapter, and I think they’re of publishable quality (which in practical terms means they’re ready to be read by people other than me). So THIS draft is the “quasi-publishable” draft, which is very exciting. After this I’ll have at least two people read it all the way through and give comments, then I’ll find a professional editor to do the same thing. And THEN I’ll make the final edits and send it out into the world. Probably about four months from now, assuming people reply promptly. Then there’ll be another six to twelve month wait until the first reply comes in.

Writing is dumb. Don’t do it.


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