The thrill ride that is my life

March 16, 2010 at 12:29 pm (general life)

Reasons I am currently over the moon:

1. We cancelled the rego on my dead car today. . . which means that we’ll get MONEY, YAAY!

2. Last night I watched a talk on the future of gaming (and why Farmville, wii, etc are so effective) and was inspired to incorporate a whole lot of interaction (and genuine prizes) into an official author website for myself. I’ll expand the twittertales blog to include a pirate game, a personality test (I put up a draft today at ) and a place to inspire people to achieve all manner of goals (similar to NaNoWriMo, with the pretty pretty graphs telling you that everyone else is failing, too). I really really want to use all the features myself!

3. I work as a private tutor, often driving up to 50 minutes to do one hour of work. My ever-changing schedule is always of intense interest to me (which student lives close to which other student, which student gets home earlier so I can start at 3:45 and thus get home fifteen minutes earlier, which student gets grumpy if I teach her before dinner, etc) and I’ve been trying for over a year to gently shift the majority of my client base closer to where I live. I just lost two weekly students – which is sad and a little scary, but they were both located very far away, and on the same day. Which means I had an empty space (both bad – no money – and good – potential for better locations). Then, today, I was offered two new students – both of whom live (a) close to me, and (b) close to each other. So I may actually get ONE DAY a week that doesn’t cost me over $10 in petrol just to go to work. I’m so excited over this possibility (it’s yet to be confirmed) that I bet I have trouble getting to sleep tonight.

Yep, it’s really that exciting. To truly express my delight, here’s a friendly glare from my OTHER cat:


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