Ae Good Dae

March 14, 2010 at 9:33 am (general life, Writing Ranting)

Today was a great day. I’ve barely written at all this week (it’s been a little too exciting for my liking), but I found myself seated in front of the computer within an hour of waking up – and I kept writing for four hours (coming perilously close to finishing the third draft of my NaNo novel). Plus it was what I call “real” writing – as opposed to finding markets, or researching. Yay!

I also vacuumed the whole house, brushed the cat, took out the rubbish (and the recycling, and the bin), studied advanced mathematics, organised bills, and ate a whole lot of candy.

At about that point I could feel myself starting to freak out over the student (of maths) that I had this afternoon (for subjects that I’m woefully unqualified to teach – which they know, but don’t mind). I had a lie down, and tried to stay calm. That took two hours.

On the edge of tears, I went to work (she has a maths test tomorrow). Other than the hours of crippling fear, this was all good news. The family always pays me cash on the day, and this was a much-needed extra lesson. Despite how “exact” (shall we say) our finances are for the next 48 hours, I DID go and get petrol on the way, instead of running out somewhere along the 25-minute route.

The maths lesson went astonishingly well, and also much longer than expected. So I was able to (a) put the petrol money back in the bank ready for tomorrow’s bill, (b) buy nice food for dinner, (c) buy me more chocolate.

And I was still home in plenty of time to watch “V”, “The Good Wife”, “House”, “Bones” and “Castle”. Mmmm. . . Sunday TV.

I also didn’t wake up feeling sick this morning. That was pretty darn exciting. Wacky side effect of the day: green urine.


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  1. Ann said,

    I hope you either brushed the cat before you vacuumed, or brushed her outside….

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