Medical Drama

March 5, 2010 at 10:52 pm (general life)

No more Flagyl-ation for me. I still have giardia (I assume; one of the symptoms of Flagyl pills is nausea), but the pills are having the following side effects:

1. Bad taste in my mouth anytime I’m not eating (in a not-very-shocking twist, I’ve gained over 1.5 kilos since I began taking them). Apparently this is because of the overgrowth of Candida (a kind of yeast).

2. Minor pains, headaches, etc.

3. Skin sensitivity, which this morning became officially a rash – much like the rash I get from penicillin, which I’m allergic to. I thought this’d be the winner in getting me off the meds, but no; this is:

4. Very mild tingling in left leg one night.

#4 Apparently means my head will fall off (that IS what peripheral neuropathy MEANS, right?) Well ok, I think “peripheral neuropathy” actually means “mild tingling in leg at night”, but it’s something you’re meant to tell your doctor, STAT! so, since my doctor is shut for two days, I’ll just stop taking it until then.

Since nausea is a symptom of both the disease and the cure, I may be better by then.

Normally I would never stop taking antibiotics partway through a course (although, to be fair, it was initially meant to only take a week).



  1. Ben (Crispin) said,

    Actually, ‘Peripheral Neuropathy’ means that the nerves in your extremities start dying…

  2. twittertales said,

    Like leprosy? Awesome! I love the no-toe look.


  3. Ann said,

    Hmmm… you’ll be pleased to know that I am showing no signs of illness following the shared food expperience on Saturday!

    I have however started that blog you suggested. Check it out at

    • felicitybloomfield said,

      Ben (who is, after all, the expert) assured me you were safe. And so did my doctor, but what would he know?


  4. Ann said,

    I didn’t really expect it to be a problem, but you did raise the possibility.

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