That I am a Barometer

February 28, 2010 at 3:48 am (general life, Mental illness)

I think the high rate of Westerners falling mentally ill is indicative of deep problems with our society. It’s partly that we have too much stuff. Even without knowing other people are starving, that’s not good for us (people need a certain amount of struggling toward a goal to be happy). We also do too much – constantly driven to get MORE stuff, so we have as much stuff as everyone else.

Bring back the eight-hour day.

Don’t work all weekend (and be aware of what “work” is, eg for me going to church is work so I have a rest day on Saturday, not Sunday).

Give away more money.

And then the world will be full of hugs and puppies.

Or not.


1 Comment

  1. Ben (Crispin) said,

    Read this:

    (P.S. I’ve always thought of you more as a hygrometer…)

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