Panic Ye Not

February 24, 2010 at 11:12 am (general life)

A few people have panicked over my “bad news”.

No, I don’t have alien growths in my intestines. It’s just that my sister (who moved to another city two years ago) prefers the place she’s now living to coming back home to Canberra (despite the nearly-but-apparently-not-quite-infinite appeal of being near yours truly). She’s my best friend and there was (until now) a strong possibility of her coming back here to live. But why would I even want her to come here when she’s more at home over there?

In the next five years both she and I plan to have children, and I thought our children would be raised together – as close as siblings but without usual decade or so of rivalry, violence, and hate. Then hopefully when we as parents were irrelevant old fuddy duddies, the kids would help each other to be smart, good people. Now they’ll be pleasant aquaintances, but without huge amounts of shared experience (just shared genes, and SOME shared experience).

It’s scary to think of going through pregnancy and early motherhood without my sister nearby. But in five years I’ll have a different life, my children will have other bestest-friends-in-the-whole-world, and I will be grateful for however my life actually is. I am sad that my sister and I won’t have the same depth of shared experience that we would have had, but I’m glad she’s settled into her new home.

PS our internet is running perilously low, so don’t panic if I don’t blog for a few days (although I’ll most likely just cave in and buy more).


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