Snot Monster

February 22, 2010 at 12:23 am (Mental illness, Writing Ranting)

Today marks the halfway point. Whatever happens, I’ll have chocolate next Monday.

I did a reasonably honest weigh-in today and got 78.8 kilos. If tomorrow is as bad, I’ll know something’s gone horribly wrong (probably my contraceptive medication, which I’ve been on for four months, would be the baddie). As a matter of honour, I’ll still stay off chocolate until March (official chocolate, anyway – I might get into the Weight Watchers chocolate milk mix).

The title refers to my constant crying.

Today is the 22nd of February, which means I sent “Farting My ABCs” to its chosen publisher exactly six months ago. The publisher’s website says it takes four months to make its replies, but I know from experience that it takes six months for each stage (that is, six months to read the first three chapters and request the rest, then six months to read the full book). “Farting My ABCs” is so short I sent the whole thing (which they specifically say is the right thing to do) so it’s possible it’ll take longer for that reason. Also I know the publisher is especially swamped at present (plus, the recent six months includes the quagmire that is Christmas time). So I estimate they’ll reply in about another month.  

I estimate the other publisher I’m waiting on (the one where the book, “Stormhunter”, is getting discussed by the two heads of the appropriate department) will take another two months from now.


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