Zucchini and Fetta Pancakes

February 16, 2010 at 11:02 pm (recipes)

Zucchini. . . is there a weirder looking word?

These pancakes are inspired by Black Pepper Cafe’s Zucchini and Bocconcini Pancakes (served with natural yoghurt).

The standard pancake batter recipe is: one cup flour, one cup milk, one egg. (I use much more milk – my pancakes are almost see-through – and when I’m poor I use powdered milk and fry them in margarine. Usually I use butter.) I top my pancakes with sugar and lemon juice (a wonderful combination).

To this I added one grated zucchini (my aim was to have a green vegetable for breakfast) and fetta (to hide the taste of the aforementioned green vegetable).

It worked surprisingly well. I added a bit more flour to maintain a similar texture, and found I’d made a much creamier pancake. If it wasn’t for the hint of green colour in the batter, you wouldn’t know they were good for you. (The fact that I fried them in butter, then ate them with lemon juice and sugar, was also a cunning ploy.)

My pain/nausea levels are much as expected, but psychologically I’m holding up well. Today I’m going to buy nature’s lollies – brightly coloured, interestingly shaped, and full of sugar – fruit.


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