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February 16, 2010 at 3:28 am (general life)

Warning: Contains mention of the menstruation cycle. (Terrifying, I know.)

I have two basic goals for this year – to get in the healthy weight range (and stay there for twelve months), and to manage money better. The money thing is going pretty well, and the weight thing isn’t (probably partly because I’m still nauseous and crampy from getting food poisoning in Indonesia six weeks ago). One problem with losing weight is that I can’t lose weight before my period (bloating), during my period (pain increases if I’m hungry, especially when I’m hungry for chocolate – and exercise is sometimes impossible), or after my period (when the slightest stress – such as a lack of chocolate – causes a five-day headache). That leaves me about a week a month. Hmm.

So a few days ago I decided, screw it, I want results. So from yesterday I cut out all chocolate and lollies until the end of this month. My period began yesterday (it begins slowly, so the maximum pain will happen on Wednesday and Thursday).

So far I’ve had mild headaches, two bad cramps (“bad” is defined as “unable to move or speak while the cramp is happening”) and have swallowed vomit lots of times (I also swam a kilometre, and I sometimes have that reaction to chlorine). In the next day or so I expect more cramps, diarrhoea, extreme hunger, and to black out whenever I stand up. And to experience a deep hatred for all humanity, accompanied by violent urges toward myself and others. (This last bit is probably standard for dieters everywhere.)

To combat the pain, hunger and misery, I’m eating better meals and more vegetables (especially green vegetables). I’ll buy some corn thins (for something to snack on), yummy fruit, and diet coke for caffeine and illusory sugar. And I’ll spend as much time away from my partner as possible, because I’ll be very bad company (and then I’ll feel guilty, and then I’m more likely to fail).

So far, the idea of scraping into the healthy weight range by March 1 has enormous appeal. Plus I’m excited about my diet treats. So, one a half days in, all is well.

I weigh about 79 kilos (as of last Wednesday – I weighed more on Thursday and Friday, but I choose to assume that was just bloating), and need to be about 76.5 (the BMI calculators vary, so I’ll be taking the kindest one).

I’ll be whining a lot here, plus posting recipes.

Sandwich of deliciousness (inspired by the Questacon café, who serve it on Turkish bread with avocado and lettuce):

Helgas bread (today I’m having the pumpkin and five seeds variety), with real butter, slices of Brie, semi-dried tomatoes, and cold ham.


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  1. Ann said,

    Good luck…. I missed the boat this week and went up again…. Ah well. There is NO takeaway on the menu this week.

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