February 12, 2010 at 5:43 am (Writing Ranting)

At the close of last year I had three good chances for publication:

1. “Stormhunter”, which was resent to a publisher (who already liked it) after a crucial piece of editing.

2. “Farting My ABCs” sent to the publisher it was designed for.

3. Realist novel sent to a small publisher (since I usually just hit the super big publishers, who get hundreds of unsolicited manuscripts each week).

NB These are three different publishers.

#3 has since received a personalised rejection, #1 is getting discussed between the top and second-top people in the young adult department (the company has had the full manuscript for almost ten months now), and #2 will probably garner a reply next month (they’ve had it for just under 6 months, which is how long that publisher usually takes).

Today I (finally) finished the first draft of “Cloud Wars” (this month’s main twitter tale) and have continued reading through my NaNoWriMo novel, “Justice is Blind”. I just read chapter twenty for the first time, and it was surprisingly good.

“Justice is Blind” is about a blind empath girl who realises another empath wants complete power over Normals – and she is all that stands in their way.

(And there are some psychic cats.)


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