Haz Booze

February 7, 2010 at 3:54 am (general life)

I got a pirate ship.

Last night I had a birthday party (you can see some of the results on today’s twittertales.wordpress.com blog). I was afraid that, since it was an occasion at which I was socially required to be happy, I’d freak out. Instead, I enjoyed myself. In part, this was because of one crucial act on my part: I invited the extraverts.

Normally when I feel like seeing some humans, I invite over my nerdy introverted friends – they’re “safe” people (few people are – some of them, actually, are so shy I don’t dare see them one on one) and my house is a safe place. And, to be perfectly honest, they generally leave early.

There were three basic social groups:

The introverts (who I invited lots in advance so they’d turn out in force), Bible Study (aka “the arguing group” as it’s more accurately known), and people from ballroom dancing. And my parents. The extraverts brought an infusion of energy that intraverts just don’t. No-one got drunk, and no-one was excessively loud or innappropriate (. . . excessively innappropriate, I mean – my Bible Study group is deeply sick). I picked extraverts who are interesting (one of them refers to herself as “Black Bob” in the third person) and who radiate (for want of a less wanky term) positive energy. The mix was about two-thirds intraverts and one-third extraverts.

The night was full of cocktails, mocktails and smoothies and I’d bought a vast amount of liquor, mixers and fruit. The best cocktail was butterscotch schnapps and fake Baileys (it just can’t be beaten); the best mocktail was a mint dulep (with freshly-squeezed lemon and orange juice, and fresh mint leaves); and the best smoothie was either chocolate blueberry or a mix of pineapple, mango, banana and strawberry.

I learnt that: Triple sec is poor man’s cointreau, and pomegranite doesn’t play well with others.

And I was given huge amounts of chocolate and lollies and books, more brightly-coloured alcohol, and a plush dromedary for my cats to kill horribly. And a pirate ship to join (and lead) my growing fleet. The wheel and winch actually turn, and the cannons actually fire tiny cannonballs.

This is the most party-like party I’ve had (or attended) in years, and I enjoyed myself from beginning to end (deeply unusual). I was so pleased (and presumably tipsy) that when my partner and I had our God time, I prayed aloud for the first time in over six months. (Praying aloud is hard, because prayer is so personal; because prayer sounds so silly; and because I was so angry for so much of last year. I’ve only recently been able to read out chapters of the Bible without crying.)

For the moment, I LIKE people.


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