“Avatar” Review

January 20, 2010 at 9:54 am (TV/movie review)

It’s like how everyone else is saying: the plot ain’t new, and it ain’t much, and the film should probably be shorter – but it’s sooooo pretty you just don’t care.

Personally I’m not big on special effects. I really like good writing. So I went in with very low expectations. And it was so pretty I loved it. There were even some neat things done with the writing – good characterisation (not super subtle, but it was enough for me to care about those I was meant to care about), and I really liked the way several of the minor characters evolved during the film. The pace is a little slower than we’re used to from American films (not that it was actually slow), but it suited the film.

But mostly, it was SO pretty. The 3D effects made everything more real and more beautiful. I didn’t believe pretty things could keep me entertained for three hours, but it turns out they can. And I liked the acting and characterisation of the hero.

I honestly do recommend seeing it.



  1. Ann said,

    So you had an

    Oooooooooooh, shiny!!!!!!!!!

    Moment. 😀


  2. Steff Metal said,

    It must be the blind thing, but I thought it was so meh. I just don’t see what the fuss was about. It was so slow, and everyone was cardboard flat, black / white, good / evil. That really pisses me off, because I’ve got nothing to think about, no message to take away, no new perspective to ponder. I am fine with movies for entertainment sake (being a longtime collector of B-grade horror flicks. My husband said he’d never met anyone with a more homorous collection of DVD titles.) but I just felt a movie that was being hailed as, like, the greatest thing since premixed curry paste should have been more than that.

    I saw it with CDH and another (blind) friend, and, we all thought it was meh, although the visuals obviously appealed to CDH more than us. We saw “Where the Wild Things Are” the next week, and I liked that SO MUCH MORE. Visually exciting with an incredible depth. A bit of a bummer ending, but the movie sticks in your mind for weeks. It’s haunting, and beautiful. You should see it!

    I am looking forward to “The Road”. So so much.

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