3am blogging. . .

December 30, 2009 at 4:20 pm (general life)

. . . is never good.

Since the partner and I left Canberra on Christmas Eve, I’ve had a headache more often than not (which I now realise is due to my current contraceptive pill, since I had the same four-day headache last month), I’ve spent a lot of time light-headed and dizzy (walkin iz hard), and on the eve of our departure I had. . . food poisoning.

I think the dizziness is because of taking anti-depressents last week (but not at the moment – I try to travel in such a way that all I have to think about is food and shelter), and the food poisoning is from drinking Sydney milk (which, clearly, I won’t be consuming in China or Indonesia).

So here’s hoping it gets easier from here. And that I can get my last three precious hours of sleep.


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