To infinity and beyond

December 29, 2009 at 3:06 am (general life)

The last few days of 2009 are crawling past. On New Year’s Eve (assuming time doesn’t stop completely), the partner and I fly off to (bitterly cold) Beijing. Right now we’re in Sydney, in the peculiar position of being assistant housesitters to his parents. As far as I can tell, everyone is content and happy.

Our finances are so tight and I’m so un-calm that I’m pretty much housebound. The others are out shopping, and I decided at the last moment (despite being somewhat stir-crazy) not to go with them. I really hope I perk up once we’re overseas. If all else fails, I should be competent in Indonesia. And my husband’s brother is in China, so at least my husband has someone to do fun things with if I’m not super functional.

Stay home, people! Travelling makes you smelly and tired! Just say no!

Ah well.

2010 is looking very. . . calming. We have just one wedding – a cousin of my husband’s – and no major family events whatsoever. Not even big birthdays. (My partner turned 30 this year, too.) We’re not moving house, although we will be reducing our stuff in preparation for living an entire year with my parents-in-law in 2011 (rent free, which is sufficiently awesome to take the edge of the perfectly natural fear of such an arrangement). I reckon we’ll then live in my parents’ bedsitter in 2012 (cheaper than a full-size flat, and good for my cats), and maybe even have a kid that year. Then in 2013 we start looking at actually buying a house (having karmically earned it by living in such tiny quarters for so long).

I know the idea of actually planning things like babies is laughable. The magic of all the above paragraph is being able to MAKE plans, for the first time in my life. It doesn’t really matter too much what actually happens.

I believe strongly that happiness comes from having something to hope for. The babies and house and happy marriage notions are the loftiest goals I’ve ever come up with, and they’re also the most plausible. That’s pretty incredible.

Next year, I hope to get better at financial management, and to get into the healthy weight range and stay there. And of course, like every year, I hope to get at least one book accepted for publication.


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