Living it up

December 26, 2009 at 1:11 am (general life)

Right now I’m in Sydney, helping housesit my partner’s aunt and uncle’s house while, at home, we have a housesitter of our own.

The house here is very near the beach, and also has its own pool. It’s also very large, which is handy since we’re sharing it with my partner’s parents and grandma. That’s always interesting.

His parents are very introverted, and we’re all excited by the novelty of Foxtel (there’s at least one large-screen TV each), so it’s very simple: to keep the peace, all we need to do is help with cooking, cleaning, and dishes.

I felt a lot better as soon as we left Canberra – the house and cats are taken care of, and life is a lot simpler (it’s all about food, shelter, and amusing ourselves). Even my twitter tales (and blog) are sorted.

I’ve been thinking about what God wants for my life, and went through various epiphanies before realising life never has one over-arching theme. So it’s just a matter of keeping moving and trying to blindly do what seems good. The best epiphanies are the ones you edit into the story after the fact.

Next year I plan to get into the healthy weight range and stay there for twelve months. That would be really excellent.

In the first quarter of next year, I should get responses to three different books – the one I’ve been obsessing over most of this year; the fart book; and my realist novel (which, because it’s so different to the rest, I sent to a much smaller publisher – which theoretically means a better chance at publication).

And next week, I’ll be in China.


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