Paranoia Girl lives up to her name

December 22, 2009 at 2:23 am (Mental illness)

It’s Tuesday. I have one hour of work left this year.

On Thursday (Christmas Eve) we pass our house over to our housesitter and leave. We’re in Sydney with relatives for a bit, then we’re in China for about ten days, then Indonesia for a few days, then back again.

I’m almost paralysed with fear.

At the same time, each stage of the journey makes me feel a little better – and once we’re in China it’s quite likely I’ll be superhumanly intelligent and relaxed (that often happens after a lot of inadvertent and unpleasant psyching up). My younger cat is now at my parents’, so the older one can just chill with our housesitter (the older one is 13, and grumpy). One of our cars has been fixed after both of them suddenly died last week. Christmas is mostly over, since my family had an early Christmas, as usual.

I’ve written and edited two twitter tales for January, and have set up my parents to post the first one while I’m away (China isn’t fond of twitter or facebook).

The house is tidy. There’s food in the freezer for when we come back (I’m just assuming we’ll be hideously ill). We’re packed as much as we can be. There are all kinds of lists around, and I’m slowly getting through everything.

Time for another lie-down.


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  1. Steff Metal said,

    You’re going to have an amazing time. Stay safe – I’m thinking of you!

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