Sick and Wrong

December 1, 2009 at 6:21 am (Mental illness)

My brother’s wedding was lovely (except for a certain Felicity sitting stiff and skulking in a corner since that is, apparently, all the manners I am capable of). My writing weekend at the Sydney FreeCon was great and went swimmingly. I am eating better, and beginning to lose weight (lack of chocolate results in headaches and ANGER but is important nonetheless).

Yesterday, my internet broke. This is NOT good. After many hours chatting to Indian people (who couldn’t actually understand ME, let alone vice versa), I was advised that my USB modem was broken, and told to go get a new one. This conversation cost me around $70, since I don’t have a landline.

I went to the shop, and naturally my warranty has expired – a few weeks ago. I had $74 credit remaining (to put that in perspective, I usually aim to spend around $20-$40 per month).

The nice man at the shop said it’d be cheaper for me to buy a new one. (Mine cost $150.)

In a shocking twist, I won’t be buying from that company again.

And yes, it was Telstra.

By sheer good luck I had just one hour of work today. I just called in sick, and went to my parents’ internet connection instead.



  1. felicitybloomfield said,

    My husband just made the modem work again. This certainly says something about Telstra. And also my husband (who is rather intelligent with such things).

  2. Ann said,

    Yay for husbands!!!!!!!

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