A Senior Moment

November 24, 2009 at 2:52 am (funny, general life)

I’m handling my minimalised life pretty well, and I even wrote 4000 words of my NaNo novel last night (discovering that my writing rate is now around 2000 words per hour).

The supermarket nearest to me is also very close to a retirement community. I’m constantly running into little old ladies (sometimes literally) when I shop. Every so often, things get a little surreal. On one occasion a busload of seniors had evidently arrived, and the supermarket was fuller than usual. A security guard pulled aside a staff member near me and said (in a low voice), “Check their bags. All of them.”

They didn’t check my bag – but they did thoroughly check the bags of the elderly man in front of me. Old people these days!

Today (same supermarket) I observed a little old lady buying literally twenty packs of garbage bags – some medium, some large, and some extra large. She bought almost nothing else.

Now I know what Dexter’s groceries look like.

And speaking of seniors, in my efforts not to strain myself at all this week I’ve been watching daytime TV. Most fascinating of all is “The View” in which a group of women argue for an hour. I can only handle about 30 seconds before I turn it off. Then I realise there’s nothing else on, so I put it back on for another 30 seconds. And repeat.

One of their topics today was whether cosmetic surgery should be taxed. This led to the quote, “I think it should be, even though my face will be paying more tax than I am.”

Later on they were talking to Zac Efron and Clare Danes. The panelists were making it very clear that Zac Efron was deeply nervous about working with Clare Danes in whatever movie they’ve just done. His comment was, “She has such an amazing body. . . of work.” His pause, hilariously, was unintentional, and the women all around him (excluding Clare, who probably felt a teensy bit uncomfortable) hassled him about it.

Ah, daytime TV. Only an hour and twelve minutes until “Just Shoot Me” comes on.



  1. Paige said,

    Yeah this being off during the day is sort of weird for me. I had all these ideas of what I could do with all this “free” time and still my day flys by except when I watch day time TV. why is that?

    Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Ben (Crispin) said,

    It’s caused by Parkinson’s Law – “Work Expands To Fill All Available Time (And Then Some…)”
    When all you need to do in a day is pack the dishwasher, it SOMEHOW actually does end up taking all day…

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