Things What I Learned Today

November 5, 2009 at 12:04 pm (general life)

Before I start – since we’ve been discussing the hotness of my husband – here he is:

258-Felicity and Christopher



















Things What I Learned Today:

1. Hey look! Power steering! (Drove my husband’s car today).

2. Gosh, it’s been ever so long since I drove a manual.

3. Gee, this car is real big.

4. Skittles in my lap while driving is A Bad Plan.

5. I dislike grapefruit flavoured skittles.

6. Grapefruit skittles are only available in citrus packets.

7. They’re the pink ones.

8. It’s difficult to learn new flavours, but it helps if you look at each one before you eat it.

9. It’s not that difficult to learn new flavours.

10. Hey look! Power steering!


1 Comment

  1. Ben (Crispin) said,

    Well isn’t your life just an explosion in an education factory?

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