Bonza Bonsai

October 26, 2009 at 5:04 am (general life)

Here is a tree.

Image469It is seven inches tall. It is our first Christmas tree, and I love it.

It cost $9.48 at Bunnings.

It will eventually grow to 60cm, by which time I might perhaps purchase a larger tree. By then I will probably have children, and Christmas will be a difference experience to the experience it is now (which is mainly, “Arg! My budget! Aaaaaaarrrrg!” Actually, maybe Christmas then will be EXACTLY the same as now).

But right now – and for many years to come – it is perfect.

If you’re all very good, I might take another picture when it’s decorated – but that won’t be until December (I bought it now because conifers increase rapidly in price in November and December).

It’s not actually a bonsai. I don’t want to encourage my habit of obsessive concern with tiny things.

Hey look! That’s me in reflection.

I have owned this tree for three days, and it is not dead.

Also, the cats have not eaten it.

This is a good start.


1 Comment

  1. Ann said,

    “Hey look! That’s me in reflection.”

    You know – the sudden imposition of that line in the middle of another thought just strikes me as a “shiny thing” moment – glad to know it doesn’t only happen to me……


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